A Servant Leader.
Running TO the Fight.

  • Securing the Border: Mike is committed to protecting our communities and giving law enforcement officers the tools they need to protect our border.
  • Fighting Inflation: Mike will work to cut taxes and grow our economy the conservative way.
  • Defending Our Values: Mike is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and staunchly pro life.
  • Preserving Our Liberties: Mike led the charge opposing vaccine mandates for active firefighters.
  • Protecting Our Children: Mike opposes Joe Biden’s progressive makeover of America and will return the classroom to a place of learning, not indoctrination.
  • Supporting Our First Responders: Mike will always be an advocate for our first responders, ensuring they have the tools needed to protect our families.

• Experienced Leader
• Lifelong Fighter
• Family Man

Why I’m Running

“As a firefighter, I spent my career running TO the scene of disaster. Working 12-hour search and rescue shifts following the Murrah Building Bombing, I observed the Oklahoma Standard. Our faith, our families and our values were on display for the world. Today, I’m running TO a new fight, to protect my neighbors and defend our conservative values. I’d be honored to serve you.”

– Chief Mike Kelley

Meet Mike

Mike Kelley: From the Firehouse to the State House.

Mike Kelley has always found fulfillment in helping others. He was recruited to join OKC Fire at a young age. Despite it being a 50% pay-cut and with an 8-month pregnant wife, Mike prayed about this career path and was called to pursue it. He fell in love with serving as a first responder. While many run from the scene of a disaster, Mike ran to it to help his neighbors.

Mike enjoyed the challenge and lives by Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Living the Oklahoma Standard

April 19, 1995, Mike was sitting in a course dealing with hazardous materials. He immediately heard the impact of the Murrah Building Bombing and volunteered to assist within the hour. He worked multiple 12-hour search and rescue and recovery. One evening after a shift, Mike observed everyday Oklahomans singing Amazing Grace near the bomb site. To Mike, this was the embodiment of the Oklahoma Standard — how we banded together in our worst moment to do what was necessary to help our neighbors and live our values as a city and a state.

A Storied Career Leading

With a distinguished career in the Oklahoma City Fire Department, including positions as Battalion Chief and Shift Commander, Mike has demonstrated his ability to lead with integrity and dedication. Mike moved up the ranks quickly and eventually managed hundreds of people. Despite the rank, Chief Kelley was always “Mike” to the men and women he served with. As a servant leader, Mike never forgot where he came from.

Advocating for First Responders

As Executive Director of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association, Mike has continued his advocacy for public safety and community well-being. Mike has managed multi-million dollar budgets and successfully advocated for better wages, better training and the protective equipment needed for our first responders to come home safely.

Loving Father and Devoted Christian

Mike, with his wife Kristi, have four children and four grandchildren and attend Life Church. When Mike isn’t advocating for first responders, he is watching Little League games. A former coach, Mike loves to mentor and see youth succeed. This was encapsulated in seeing his daughter, who he coached, go on to play collegiate softball.

Mike’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Liberal Studies from the University of Oklahoma and advanced coursework in Fire and Emergency Management from Oklahoma State University. He is a proud graduate of Putnam City West High School and has received numerous accolades for his academic achievements and commitment to excellence.

Driven by his passion for conservative values and a desire to make a difference in his community, Mike Kelley is dedicated to representing the people of Oklahoma with honesty, integrity and unwavering dedication.


Mike Kelley

State House


Mike Kelley:

Firefighter First, Conservative Always

Mike Kelley is pro-life and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. He will always fight for our conservative values.

Integrity: Mike Kelley believes in leading with honesty and transparency, putting the interests of the community first.

Service: With a background rooted in public service, Mike is committed to serving the people of Oklahoma with dedication and compassion.

Conservative: Mike Kelley is a staunch advocate for conservative principles, including limited government, individual liberty and fiscal responsibility. Mike voted for Ronald Regan the first chance he got and has never looked back.

Family: As a devoted husband and father, Mike understands the importance of preserving traditional family values and strengthening our communities.

Community: Mike Kelley is deeply invested in the well-being of his community and is dedicated to working collaboratively to address the needs and concerns of its residents.

A Servant Leader. Running TO the Fight.

• Experienced Leader
• Lifelong Fighter
• Family Man